30 May 2016

Playing: learning and having fun

Do you also happily think back of banging your mom’s favorite stew pan with a spoon? And what about collecting the nice smelling flowers, putting them in your grandpa’s coffee mug, than adding some mud and stirring it all together with a stick, only to cook the kind of lunch that your parents could only dream of? Or what about a game of hide and seek, skipping ropes, playing football with the boys or playing a game of “Sorry!”, which seems to be designed in a way that you never want to say you’re sorry.

25 November 2015

On-arrival and mid-term EVS trainings

According to the EVS project, every volunteer that stays up to six months in another country has the right and obligation to take part in an on-arrival training session. Also, a mid-term training is organized for volunteers that stay for more than six months. So far, I’ve had both of them. :)

EVS sign on the streets of Malaga 

14 November 2015

Manresa, I arrived - starting my newlife abroad

After a touching goodbye with my family and friends and almost 3 hours of flight from Belgrade, I arrived to Barcelona's airport in June 2015. I visited this lovely city few years ago, when I had a high school trip, but this time was different. Alone in another country, in a new city, with new people and only one big suitcase, I was ready to start my new adventure for the next 9 months. 

30 October 2015

WondeRoads Introduction

WondeRoads - the way of exploring  the world of volunteering, traveling and creativity.